Black And White Bushido Fights Its Way Onto The Switch

The 2015 arena brawler, Black and White Bushido, arrives on the Nintendo Switch along with an exclusive arena to enhance the 2D party experience.

The 1-4 player party brawler is a perfect fit for the unique Switch design, as showcased in the incredibly awesome theatrical Nintendo Switch trailer below:

After its initial release on Steam then PS4 and Xbox One to follow two years later, Nintendo fans finally see their opportunity to jump into the multiplayer martial arts action.

Details For Upcoming Switch Brawlers

If you missed Black and White Bushido the first (and second) time it came around on PC and consoles, check out what to expect from the arena brawler below:

  • Players compete in up to 4-player battles in a black and white arena where competitors are split into teams of light and shade. Shade characters blend in the black areas while light hides in the white, providing a thrilling battle of hide and seek meets kung fu.
  • All it takes is one landed strike to wipe out an opponent, but unlimited respawns offers an ongoing fight between light and shade.
  • The Nintendo Switch edition comes with a brand-new exclusive arena ‘Haunted Forest’ to spice up the competition.
  • Through 3 different game modes, players will compete against one another in the standard team deathmatch, a more strategic match of capture the flag or hone their skills in training.

Indie developers/publishers, Good Catch, have released Black and White Bushido – it’s out now.

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