Become A Tester For The Upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Mobile Game

The recently announced mobile title, Garbage Pail Kids: The Game, now has open submissions for die-hard fans to get their hands on an early copy as a community tester.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game takes the iconic line up of bizarrely grotesque characters and creates an epic RPG card-battle mobile game.

Check out the brisk teaser trailer of the 2019 title below:

Fans of the series, RPG enthusiasts and card game aficionados have been summoned by the developers, Jago Studios, to partake in an early beta test of the GPK mobile game.

“Fans of the notorious GPK characters, RPG players, card collectors, and mobile game enthusiasts are all encouraged to enter(…) We’ve received many, many requests from the community to be early game testers, so we are excited for this opportunity as we build this game around the beloved Garbage Pail Kids brand.” – Jago Studios founder, Stuart Drexler

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game is set to release in early 2019 on the App Store and Google Play for mobile devices.

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