Killer Queen Black is making its way to Switch this winter

The 2013 action/PvP title, Killer Queen, has swarmed all over the multiplayer scene since Bumblebear Games launched the game on Arcade platforms. Now shoving itself on PC and Switch, players will have the chance to take the challenge either at home or on the go.

The announcement of the revamped version titled, Killer Queen Black, also came with a short but very “metal” trailer to go with it.

Killer Queen Black’s Metal Trailer

New mechanics to suit the insane competitive gameplay style and visually nostalgic 16-bit graphics for a better play at home experience has been tweaked in the games by its creators, Nik Mikros and Joshua DeBonis.

A few features about what to expect from the Killer Queen experience are:

  • Killer Queen is an 8-player team battle multiplayer game featuring vintage 16-bit graphics on a variety of platforming based levels.
  • Players take on different roles throughout different match types and earn victory through a variety of numerous tasks, such as collecting berries, stealing drones or taking out the Queen character.
  • There are three different methods of victory in every match: Scooping up berries and delivering them back to home base via drones are known as Economic Victories. Military Victories have players slaying the opposing team’s Queen on three separate occasions. And lastly, The Snail Victory has players hitching a ride on the sluggish snail located on the bottom of the screen relying on your faithful teammates to cover your slow pace while you make your way to the opposing goal post.
  • Along with the three different victories, there are four various types of match styles. Quick matches have players jump head first into the competition, Ranked to push yourself to the top of the leaderboard, Custom matches give players the opportunity to adjust various rule settings, and Arena is a specialized battle mode only playable after acquiring specific tickets awarded by earning victories or purchased through in-game currency.
  • A special “Black” team can be found occasionally which acts as a highly praised team of elite members. By winning over the Black team, players will dethrone them and become the king of Killer Queen.

Killer Queen Black will be released this winter on the Switch and PC. Stay tuned for more on the multiplayer platforming action game.

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