Food fighting PvP party game, Taco Gun, release date announced

Persevering through every man for themselves combat is one thing, but clobbering your foes with food stuff and groceries is a whole different game.

Sling The Corn On The Cob

Taco Gun promises to bring that exact kind of ludicrous messy mayhem by pinning up to 4 players against one another in a massive food fight to meet the ages.

Slinging corn on the cob, heaving chilli sauce Molotov cocktails or stuffing your friends full of onions is the newest method of Mexican standoffs to meet your PC.

Floating Island Studios and eNVy softworks have teamed up to bring the latest in PvP party style brawls with a massive load of food scrapping, off-the-wall fun.

You can check out the announcement trailer below which was released alongside an official release date of Taco Gun on Steam.


A few savoury details on the food fighting party brawler include:

  • Taco Gun features up to 8 unique levels to stage your brawls in from the traditional kitchen themed food fights, to a more chaotic boat level – all with their own individual quirks.
  • Players can choose from a selection of 7 different food flinging characters known as ‘pistolers’, like Coco, Avocado, Maize and Chilli.
  • As of the announcement no online matchmaking has been confirmed for Taco Gun, leaving local multiplayer at the heart of this PvP brawler.
  • With multiple games modes, crazy power-ups to muscle up gameplay and a completely absurd method of ‘feeding your enemies until they burst’ combat system, Taco Gun looks to bring more insanity to the popular free-for-all brawler genre.

Taco Gun is gearing up to hit the Steam store on PC on May 17th, 2018.

With the launch right around the corner, check back for more on Taco Gun once it lands in kitchens in Europe and the US.

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