Genesis Noir is avaliable to pre-order

Darkness, nothingness, a plain canvas, nothingness again, quiet, tranquil, and then… BANG!

Matter, colours, shapes, particles, atmosphere solar systems, planets, cells, organism, parasites, plants, nature, wildlife, animals, people, pedestrians, slaves, gods. Hussle, busy, move out of my way please, the cries, the tears, the years, another baby another being, another baby another killer, climate change, freedom of speech, will you please shut up, love, love, love, and then… nothingness, darkness, another plain canvas to start again.

Genesis Noir is Avaliable To Pre-Order

Genesis Noir is a game set before, during and after the big bang on earth and higher dimensions. In this adventure game, you play as ‘No Man’ and save your loved one from being shot to stop the big bang. With a cast of gods and men, a love triangle and a story spanning time and space; this is one point and click adventure, may I say, out of this world…. (I’ve won awards for stand-up comedy, you know?)

Developed by Feral Cat Den, inspiration has been taken from various forms of media to give the game a worldly look – the themes being expressed artistically:

Personally? I think it looks absolutely fantastic, from concept to art, to sound. I love film noir, as you may remember from my Pixel Noir piece, and I love adventure games – oh, and some jazz.

It’s only been announced for PC and iOS, but console ports will surely follow; come on Feral Cat Den, you know it makes sense.

Genesis Noir has hit its Kickstarter pledge and is available for pre-order now. Anyone else gushing over this like me?

What do you think?

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