Pixel Noir scheduled for release Q1 of 2018

I’m a guy who loves detective crime thrillers. The lighting, disjointed narratives, the dialogue, the Dutch tilt, it’s all serving a purpose to draw you, the viewer, into that dark and dangerous world.

Pixel Noir – Just Another Bad Day

It’s that world many developers have tried to create in their video games, Team Bondi’s LA Noire, Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and the first two Max Payne games by Remedy.

Now developer SWDTech Games are creating their own film noir-inspired game, Pixel Noir. A 16-bit, isometric, turn-based RPG, detective game, taking inspiration from western and eastern, new and old video games.  Pixel Noir is shaping up to be an original and ambitious indie game that may garner a cult following.

You play as an ex-cop who has been in jail for 10 years – you burned a hospital to a crisp. With your old partner dead and your sanity at stake, you are now a private eye trying to clear your name.

That means investigating missing pets to murders, with your choices earning you riches or stitches. You won’t fight alone though, as you’ll assemble a team of characters to help you in fights, along with customizable weapons, to give you an advantage over opponents:

Pixel Noir will be released digitally in the first quarter of this year (2018) and a physical date is due. BadLand Publishing will be releasing the game, and no doubt when the physical version is released, it will be complete with a manual and soundtrack – at least.

Pixel Noir will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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