Hungry Pixel launches Kickstarter campaign to fund NetherWorld

Indie studio Hungry Pixel has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund NetherWorld, its dark adventure full of “excesses” and “outlandish” characters.

The NetherWorld creators hope to raise enough money to finish the title’s development. If the Kickstarter campaign overcomes the initial goal, the studio wants to make the PC game compatible with other platforms, including the Switch. It will also allow them to add extra features such as new scenarios, characters and storylines.

In its first week on Kickstarter, NetherWorld has raised more than 45% of its main goal and has exceeded 150 backers. So far, so good.

NetherWorld Game – A Pixel Love Story

NetherWorld is a 2D side-scrolling pixel art adventure game, with, we’re told, an irreverent and sinister plot.

The protagonist will be involved in a surreal story after being abandoned by his wife. There’s some misfortune with alcohol, drugs and lust too:

According to the developer, the main purpose of NetherWorld was to create something different, an unusual story with deeply eccentric characters. Count us in!

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