40 Winks might finally come to the Nintendo 64 after 17 years

I remember first grabbing an N64 controller and thinking: “What the hell do I do with this?”. The very first game I saw running on the N64 was GoldenEye, beating my family over and over again on the multiplayer mode, and there is only one way to play GoldenEye multiplayer. One shot kill.

40 Winks Nintendo 64

For some, the N64 remains the Golden Age of video gaming, with Rare being an unstoppable force, great multiplayer experiences and Ocarina of Time.

Like all consoles before and after, not every game gets to shine on a platform; one of the N64 games being 40 Winks. Published on the PlayStation, a port was set to release on the N64 by GT Interactive, but when the company had financial problems, it ended up being bought out by Infogrames.

40 Winks
40 Winks

Infogrames saw fit to downsize a lot of projects, cancelling projects such as the N64 port of 40 Winks.

It’s now been found after 17 years and brought back from the dead by Piko Interactive. With Piko Interactive hitting its Kickstarter pledge and still having 12 days left, finally, 40 Winks will be pressed onto a cartridge for the Nintendo 64 and will feature the co-op mode which was exclusive to the N64 version.

40 Winks
40 Winks

This will be the very first video game to be published after the N64 was discontinued; so, could this be the start of N64 homebrews or indies developed for the N64? We can hope. Piko Interactive will be pressing two editions of the game:

Regular Version

  • 40 Winks grey cartridge compatible with the N64 console.
  • Colour cardboard box and inserts.
  • Colour manual.

Special Edition

  • 40 Winks coloured cartridge compatible with the N64 console.
  • Special edition box and inserts.
  • Colour manual.
  • Special edition poster.
  • A POG featuring special edition artwork.

What was it like on PS1? Well, look no further:

So yeah, this is a must buy for any Nintendo 64 collectors out there. Are you excited by the news? Let us know below.

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