Ghostbusters World announced – an augmented reality experience

When I was a kid me and my older brother had a Proton Pack that had a foam tube as the stream and trap that worked by air popping it open. It was fantastic, running around our dingy front room flat and back garden; catching ghosts and letting our imaginations go wild.

Ghostbusters World – Bringing Back The Past

Now with technology being stuff from a 1980’s cyberpunk movie, there’s no need for a foam tube.

With that said, Sony, Ghost Corps and publisher FourThirtyThree Inc have created an Augmented Reality experience for mobile phones.

Ghostbusters World is set to feature ghosts not only from the movie but the TV Show, comics, theme parks, video games as well as featuring all new ghosts for you to capture.

Ivan Reitman, the original movie’s director said the following:

“The Ghostbusters Universe is rich in characters and Ghostbusters World is the perfect medium to get to know these characters in a whole new dimension”.

Not many details have surfaced regarding the game, but no doubt it will become another culture trend with adults and kids alike. The augmented reality experience is getting a lot of attention at the moment.

Ghostbusters World will be available on iOS and Android devices in 2018.

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