The Padre is coming to Early Access

When I was in college, my friends and I broke into an old, abandoned insane asylum for children. Even with the company of friends, we all couldn’t deny the haunting feeling in there.

The Padre On Early Access

The damp floor absorbing each footstep as we tenderly inspected the empty corridors and rooms. There was foliage growing from the walls and the various discarded artefacts sporadically laying around that we had intruded on. The sense of exploration, curiosity and ambiguity of what happened within those walls made for a frightful yet delightful experience.

Developer Shotgun with Glitters‘ upcoming game ‘The Padre’ has you play as Catholic Priest isolated in a haunted mansion. You must navigate through his flashbacks to find the meaning of the sacrifice he has made in this Lovecraftian-inspired horror:

Coined as a ‘Point ‘n Click Survival Adventure Game’ and marketed as a game not for everyone due to the difficulty of the puzzles, this game already leaves an impression. With its blocky, expressionless aesthetic adding more ambiguity than clarity, it seems like an unusual choice, yet perfectly fitting for a Lovecraftian horror.

If this game captures anything like my journey inside the insane asylum, this will be an adventure that will stick with you – you will tell your grandchildren.

The Padre is coming to Early Access on 22nd of February and if the game is successful enough, console ports will follow.

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