Survival RPG Z-Alert announced for PC and Mac

A brand new survival sim from indie developers Cedar Games – Z-Alert – has been officially unveiled for release on PC and Mac. The announcement for the debut title from the young development team also came with a rather intriguing trailer to help shine some light on the unique zombie apocalypse title:

The non-linear 2D survival title places players into a world full of the living dead, and a resourceful approach to make it through the night alive. Players will have the ability to craft resources found when scavenging, recruit team members both online and offline, as well as building their own shelter to stay safe from the hordes.

Here are the takeaways from the announcement of Z-Alert:

  • The world of Z-alert provides an engaging story full of characters, with unique world generation and surprise encounters to ensure each playthrough is as fresh as the first.
  • Players will be able to discover useful resources to craft new items and construct a shelter, as well as embark into the dangerous forest for valuable loot.
  • Played in both single-player and online, players are able to recruit a team of companions to help take on the dangers of the world outside your shelter.
  • The unique 2D visuals present a non-linear approach with plenty of simulation, survival and RPG elements like customizing character skills and perks to keep Z-Alert rich and engaging.

The survival experience is completely customizable, granting players the ability to change combat from automated fights, classic 2D combat or tactical isometric battles.

More on the debut title – Z-Alert – from Cedar Games is bound to surface later in the year as the game sets to release on PC and Mac. Stay tuned.

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