New trailer for Extinction revealed – PS4, Xbox One, and PC

A new Extinction trailer narrated by the Executive Producer of the game, Derek Neal, has been revealed.

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Neal gives us a look at some of the skills players can equip to quickly eradicate the scary Ravenii. Interestingly, the start of the video declares that “Extinction does not include micro-transactions”. A hot topic indeed.

There are a number of upgrades obtained through the game’s skill tree that aid Avil, giving him an advantage over the many elite Ravenii he will battle.

Action title Extinction will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring of 2018. At the time of the year when the weather becomes a little less bleak.

2 thoughts on “New trailer for Extinction revealed – PS4, Xbox One, and PC

  1. It sounds like an interesting game and I’m glad that they’re actually putting work in the game. Though I think people play video games more in the winter than they do in the spring.

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