Shadow of the Colossus PS4 gameplay showcases foliage and foes

Barring Soul Calibur VI‘s full-fledged reveal trailer, our latest look at Detroit: Become Human and smatterings of new details on projects like God of War and The Last of Us: Part II, it’s safe to say that this year’s PlayStation Experience (PSX) event hasn’t exactly been one for the history books.

All the same, Bluepoint Games have ensured that Shadow of the Colossus‘ raptorous fanbase isn’t coming away from the weekend empty-handed; enter a full gameplay demo showcasing the technical updates which the studio’s most beloved production to date has undergone since 2005 in preparation for its PS4 revival…


  • Speaking to Bluepoint’s president Marco Thrush and technical director Peter Dalton, PlayStation Blog’s Justin Massongill joins the rest of us in watching in awe as Colossus‘ steeled warrior protagonist Wander explores the mysterious “forbidden land” atop his trusted steed, Agro.
  • Thrush and Dalton are justifiably keen to point out the upcoming PS4 remake’s myriad aesthetic upgrades, from a wind particle system sweeping leaves realistically across their mysterious setting’s barren forest landscape, to water simulation effects evoking an eerily similar sense of the uncanny.
  • Naturally Wander can’t spend all his time, well, wandering. Quite to the contrary, only a few minutes of the video pass by before he’s brought face-to-pincer with a centipede-like Colossus boss whom he’ll need to employ a combination of covert archery and savage sword strikes in order to thwart.
  • If tales of the original’s convoluted control scheme threaten to deter you from attempting to scale such a beast, however, then fret not. Alongside Classic Mode, which retains the 2005 PS2 action RPG’s control layout for veterans, Dalton promises a revised scheme built to minimise potential grief for “new players”.

As with many of the AAA titles teased at PSX this weekend, we’re still no closer to learning a precise release date for Shadow of the Colossus‘ PS4 edition, but with Massongill remarking upon how quickly development has proceeded since E3 2017, don’t expect to wait too much longer before the truth comes to light.

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