Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Review

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was originally released in the PS2 era of gaming – it was an amazing game. You could play as some of your favourite Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader… Now in 2017, the game has been remade with updated graphics, sounds, and a completely new story.

The Details

Battlefront 2 features 4 different classes, Assault, Specialist, Officer, and Heavy. The Officer, in comparison to the other classes, is the least desirable when you first play the game – but can be quite enjoyable after spending some time with them – after playing the three game modes of Galactic Assault, Strike, and as I call it Starship Shooter. By the way, the Empire looks way better and cleaner in comparison to the ‘Rebel scum’.

The Dark Side Is Better

There has always been this idea that the Dark Side of the Force has a better gym than the “Light” side of the force. This is definitely true for Battlefront 2. In the beta, you can unlock 4, as I call it, champions from the Star Wars series through the dreaded star card system. On the Rebel side, you get Rei (why Rei of all people?), Han Solo (ok a little better). However, on the Dark Side of the Force, you get the mighty Darth Maul, and the best bounty hunter of all time, Boba Fett. You can’t tell me you would rather play with the Rebels when you can get a character like Darth Maul.

Did I Mention The Dark Side Is Better?

Not only are the champions of the Empire/Dark Side more fleshed out but the overall classes you play as and the starships you fly are better too. The Empire may not have advantages in the actual game besides who has the better star card and aim but, 8/10 I would rather play for the Empire. Visually speaking, the Empire looks shinier and more attractive than the Rebels who have been redesigned to look more like an actual army.

Galactic Assault Is Way Too Long

Taking cues from Battlefield 1’s Conquest mode, Battlefront 2 has a similar mode: Galactic Assault. Honestly, it’s not that great. It holds true to the original Battlefront game by being a third-person shooter, sure, but this doesn’t mix well with the long-range exchanges with the enemy team. The shorter version has the third-person option too, but you can go into first-person – the maps are smaller, however! I believe the shooting style should be flipped for these game modes.

But Starship Shooter Is Beautiful

The Starship Shooter mode wins the Silver medal out of the game modes. The controls are awkward at first, until you learn how to use the right analogue stick to move your ship around. The left analogue stick helps with manoeuvrability, but I only really use this when I’m being shot at. Again, the Empire ships look and feel better than the Rebel ships.

Final Thoughts

Battlefront 2 has a lot of potential to be a great game. No doubt. How patient players will be to grind star cards and how much DLC EA releases for this game, however, is the key point here. Star Wars fans deserve a lot more character and map variety in this version of Battlefront 2.

Why Not Join The Dark Side? We Have Better Ships

Want to know why this game will cause you to join the Dark Side? Check out my YouTube video where Yoda goes into the step by step process of how he joined the Dark Side of the Force. I will see you in the game! Thanks for reading.

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