Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince out on Xbox One and PC – 12th December

2D puzzler Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince will be making its way to the Xbox One store, Steam and Windows 10 next month on the 12th December.

Fearful Symmetry: The Light and Dark Side

It’s a puzzle game with a nifty twist: players control two characters at the same time, each in a different dimension; one representing good and the other representing the evil side of things. This concept is not only reflected in the visual style of the game, but also in the gameplay.

You see, the characters each move in the opposite direction through levels filled with lots of nasty traps. It’s up to you to find a safe path in both dimensions and guide the characters safely through each of them.

It looks and sounds potentially infuriating and fun at the same time. Like Dark Souls. Here’s a trailer:

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