Destiny 2 is finally getting an Xbox One X update

After little to no news about the status of Destiny 2 for the new Microsoft console, Bungie has finally released a statement about an incoming patch that addresses this issue. Let’s get you guys caught up:

  • In the weekly update for 11/09, Bungie detailed the incoming enhancements for not only the Xbox One X, but for the PS4 Pro as well.
  • “We’ll be deploying an update to Destiny 2 that will deliver stunning gameplay with high dynamic range (HDR) lighting to these new consoles. You’ll also see adaptive 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro and 4K on the Xbox One X.”
  • From this quote, it looks like the Xbox One X will be the best console experience for Destiny 2. It looks to have a native 4K resolution with HDR on the Xbox One X, while the PS4 Pro will be getting an adaptive 4K resolution (also known as checkerboarding) with HDR.
  • Basically, if you’re looking for the best possible picture quality on a console for Destiny 2, you should play on the Xbox One X.
  • This update will launch alongside the new DLC called “Curse of Osiris” on December 5th.
  • If you don’t want to wait until December 5th and have a nice PC, you can already play Destiny 2 in glorious 4K resolution with HDR, plus the extra perk of playing at 60+ frames per second.

So, does this update excite you guys? Let me know in the comments below!

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