Gran Turismo Sport SE PS4 – Perfect for any GT superfan

With one of the most popular racing series ever to grace the video game community, Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport is quickly approaching its long-awaited finishing stretch. Set to release next month, on October 18th (17th in NA), die-hard fans will have more options to deck out there gaming centre in stylish GT fashion.


Gran Turismo Special Edition PS4 Console

The recently announced Gran Turismo Special Edition PS4 Console will be releasing alongside the game, and with it comes a polished new look paired with a unique official Gran Turismo controller, among other amenities. Along with the silver PS4 marked with the traditional GT logo and the super-sleek DualShock PS4 controller coloured to match the silver features with a matching GT logo on the touchpad, the console bundle comes with a Day One Edition of Sport. Also gracing the console are actual rounded, flat-surfaced power and disc eject buttons, tossing aside the awkward buttons found on the consoles available now.

The Day One Edition comes packed with tons of extra features, starting off with a whopping 250,000 in-game credits to help make sure you get started on the right track. Other extras include a sticker pack for the new livery system, a slick chrome racing helmet and 60 avatars for your PS4 profile.

gtsport controller.jpg

The console is available in a variety of different styles, as well as the option for a Jet Black edition for those not fond of silver. The standard models come in both 500GB and 1TB hard drive selections and a special 1TB model with an extra Jet Black analogue controller. The Pro edition can be purchased either in Jet Black or the new stunning silver. The new stylized analogue controllers will also be available via bundles with the game itself.

All that’s left now is to anxiously await the exciting release of what is sure to be one of this year’s top Sony titles, as well as one of the best looking VR titles to date.

Gran Turismo Sport will be racing to the finish line on October 17th in NA and on the 18th in EU.

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