New Pokémon GO trailer teases co-op battles with Legendary Pokémon – Lugia is in, yes!

Legendary Pokémon will begin to soar into the real world soon. The new Pokémon GO trailer offers us a glimpse at the way Trainers will cooperate with one another to discover, battle, and catch elusive and extremely powerful Legendary Pokémon.

Once in the wild, Trainers can search for unique Legendary Eggs at Gym locations around the world. Players can team up with friends and other Trainers to join a ‘Legendary Raid Battle’ to defeat the Legendary Pokémon and earn a chance to catch them.

The battle against the first Legendary Pokémon will require teamwork from millions of Trainers around the world in order to be revealed at Pokémon GO Fest Chicago at Grant Park on July 22nd.

You can see lots of happy people working together (a nice idea) to catch the monsters below:

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