Action adventure game The Girl and the Robot gets Deluxe Edition release on PS4

3D action adventure puzzler, The Girl and the Robot, is getting a shiny physical ‘Deluxe Edition’ for PS4. Developed by Montreal indie dev Flying Carpets Games, the deluxe edition comes with a copy of the game’s original soundtrack, composed by Eiko Nichols.

The Girl and the Robot tells the tale of a new-found friendship between a young girl and a robot. Their bond immediately gets tested when they both try to escape the clutches of an evil witch. Good news: the game is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda and Ico.

The Girl and the Robot is released for the PS4 on September 22nd. As if you needed more to play.



  1. Well this is a new game on my radar. You can certainly see the influence of Ico in there and maybe even the robot’s design gives me some Castle in the Sky type of vibes, especially after just watching it. It kind of feels like Miyazaki or at least Studio Ghibli. 3D puzzle games are not all too popular these days but here’s hoping that this one makes a decent splash and turns out to be one of the more surprising games of the year.

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