Interview: Anamik Majumdar From Amaxang Games Talks Key Trends in the Games Industry, More

We got the chance to sit down and speak to game developer Anamik Majumdar from Amaxang Games. We discussed indie game development, the latest trends in the games industry, and much more.


Gamer Credentials

Anamik Majumdar is an independent game developer from India. NightmareZ was his first major game project when it was released on Steam last year. He is currently working on a new indie title called Keatz: The Lonely Bird, an upcoming action platformer for PC.

What inspired you to get into game development?

I started my journey in gaming when I was 14 years old and I used to watch my friends play Mario and Sonic games on our school computers. This was when I got interested in PC games. I was a gamer for years and played various kinds of games. But all of a sudden, a thought popped up in my mind that I wanted to make a game. Next, I started looking for a tool or engine so I could learn the basics of the game development process.

At the age of 16, I started making games along with learning many new features of the engine in order to improve my skills.

What games have you created and which is your favourite?

I have created many freeware and commercial games to date. My first game on Steam was NightmareZ. This was the game on which I spent more than a year developing – which was really a long time compared to the time required to make my previous games. So, NightmareZ is my favourite one because I have learned a lot during the development of this game.

What advice would you offer for those just starting out?

Always start small and make a simple game at first. Make some small games with simple mechanics and then move on to more complex projects. In this way, you will learn a lot and you will eventually get better at making games.

What do you think is going to be a key trend in the games industry this year?

The game industry is growing every year at a rapid rate. The quality of indie games will be improved and it’s expected that there will be more hit indie titles in the market this year.

What’s your favourite platform to sell games on?

Steam is the best platform out there for selling PC games because there are millions of users already present on it. However, is an indie friendly platform and I love it because it has a lot of cool features for indie developers. I think is the best platform for beginners.

What are your favourite tools for game development?

Game Maker Studio is my favourite tool for game development because I have been using Game Maker since Game Maker 8. Besides, it has an in-built graphics editor where I can create character animations also. With the launch of Game Maker Studio 2 in the market, the graphics editor has improved a lot.

So, it is really a handy tool for me and I have chosen it over other engines because it serves my purpose.

How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals?

As a developer, I continuously experiment with codes and work with pixel art and other art forms. When I was working on NightmareZ I tried to release updates as frequently as possible. This is something which I love to do and I never get tired working on my games.

However, I often take short breaks every now and then. I think it is important to maintain a healthy working habit.

Which events do you recommend indie developers showcase their game at?

PAX events and gaming conventions can be useful for showcasing your in-progress games or your finished games. It might be a great way to spread the word.

What do you think about VR?

VR seems to be the future of gaming. With the improvement of technology, VR will hold a large part of the market in the future. It has a long way to go before that happens. As a consumer, it does not interest me.

Games console of choice?

Xbox One. It is hard to differentiate. I love them equally.

Thanks for your time

Thank you!

Anamik is currently developing his second major game project called Keatz: The Lonely Bird and new features are being added every week. A public demo is available to download from his website

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