Hidden Gems: Hot Indie Steam Games This Week (03/07)

There have been some great indie games released on Steam, here’s a few we selected for this week. You might discover a wonderful experience in this mix:


Be liberated and play as a bumble bee in this flight experience game. Grab a cuppa and unwind!


A charming visual novelette game with a unique art style. The story follows a young apprentice and two conflicting magicians. Just remember to question everything!


A ‘flag identifying quizzer’, guess and learn over 600 current flags from all over the globe. This game has many unlockable features and achievements too.

No70: Eye of Basir

Do you like mystery, intrigue and adventure? Yes. Well investigate from a first person perspective and find out about the No70 house then.

Gus Track Adventures VR

A ‘fun-for-all’ cute tracking adventure challenge on VR. Explore the many levels as Gus and figure out what is corrupting the world.


A snazzy, 2D rotary shoot ’em up – Jampacked with “intense action, space worms” and lots of pretty stars.

Humble Abode

A quirky mystery thriller. Your home becomes the playground of a sadistic intruder… Can you survive this nightmare?


A fun, modern homage to 2D retro arcade shooters. Blast away with this game and test your strategy skills.


What do you think?