Viewpoint: Are We Impatient for Next-Gen?

After the Xbox One X’s showing at E3, it seems quite a few people are eager for Sony to (now) show off the PS5. Whether this is because they want a new experience or they just want Sony to have the most ‘powerful console’ on the market again, I’m not sure. Just so you know, I’m not eager for their next console at all. Yes, the inevitable rumors to come may seem exciting, but this urgency to surge forward to the next-generation of consoles is shaping the attitude of its consumers.

Ever since the release of the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, there has been an exponential growth in the video game industry; distributing new game titles and expanding on old ones. Soon enough, video games were not just for stress-free fun anymore, it became a market, a race, a business.

Just take a glance at developers investing their titles on a specific video game console. Both companies invest in one another to produce more capital. Even now, most Facebook games operate on a pyramid scheme which prevents a player from advancing unless they recruit their friends and family. Therefore it is no surprise that we have already begun because it serves as a bridge to rapid consumerism; creating a new wave of gamers that are impatient and greedy.


More so, the gaming community itself is empowering this which generates a factual hearsay; turning inklings into truths. 2017 is not even over and we’re already hearing that some gamers are clamouring for the PS5 – do you really want another console right now? Seriously? All of this sounds too familiar, like a scandal excerpt running aghast across cashier aisles; displaying the same gossip on different magazines.

Another thing: when I look at my current library of games to complete, I’m pretty shocked at the sheer number of them. There are some that will take weeks to complete, some even months, that’s not to mention quite a few of these have DLC on top of the base game. I’ve spent a lot of money on these games… they need to be completed before I move on. It’s just a waste of money if I don’t finish them. Surely there are many people in a similar position?

As for the next generation of consoles, they can can wait. 2017 already has a wonderful lineup for new video games to come. So relax, the consoles we have now should suffice for a good while yet. Patience is a virtue, and instead of leaning towards the precipice to catch a glimpse of what’s ahead, everyone should take a step back, slow down, and enjoy the present view. It’s quite pretty.

What do you think? Are you ready for the next wave of consoles? Or is it too soon?

3 thoughts on “Viewpoint: Are We Impatient for Next-Gen?

  1. I agree, I think it’s too soon. I have a huge back log of games that I still haven’t beaten that spans all the way back to the GameCube/PS2/Xbox era that I’ll probably never get to. It’s ridiculous how hard we push for new, new, new, now, now, now.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for your comment and welcome. 🙂 Absolutely, it needs to slow down – this is the games industry after all, not a smartphone business where we see new products every 6 months.

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