Viewpoint: I predict that Transference will be a mindf**k of a game

TVs within TVs, within TVs, within TV… Where do I begin? Transference is a new IP that was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 conference. It’s all about immersion and pushing the boundaries of storytelling:

You can for the first time as a player feel like you are in a movie. That’s a really good word for it, we want you to take the gear and still feel unsettled.[…]

Transference was produced by Elijah Wood’s team at SpectreVision. Here’s what they had to say:

We stumbled across some fascinating research that had begun in the late 90’s. Essentially, neuroscientists had figured out a way to upload brain data, trauma, emotions memories to digital space. Now we’ve gone and taken the next logical step, and with Ubisoft, we’ve created in virtual reality one such test subject. So we’d like you to come join us and experience the Walter Test Case for yourself.

The trailer instantly reminds me of The Matrix, with Master Reboot’s narrative (but in an everyday setting) and a slice of Black Mirror for good measure. Transference to me looks more scary than any sci-fi thriller/ horror game I’ve played as it sounds (we didn’t see much gameplay, they kept their cards close) unnerving and uncanny – I predict that it will be a mindf**k of a game and an experience to remember (especially as it’s for VR!).

According to the E3 announcement we can expect the mysterious game to come out Spring 2018.

What are your thoughts – is the idea of the game too scary? Or like me, can you simply not wait?

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