Far Cry 5: Ubisoft Releases Short Teaser Trailer Showing Off New Setting in Montana

Far Cry 5 has been rumored to be in development earlier this year from a tweet sent out by Ubisoft with a simple logo. Ubisoft has confirmed the leak after releasing a short trailer depicting the location of the next first-person, mercenary-esque shooter taking place in Montana. Revising its familiar setting away from the more exotic locations, the rural American landscape still provides untouched isolation and beautiful scenery that has come with every Far Cry in the series, regardless of the time period.

After the Mesolithic era of the series’ sixth installment (including the retro 80s style release of Blood Dragon) Far Cry Primal, reinventing itself, moving the game to something new and fresh is crucial for keeping the series running strong.

The trailer is made up of four sequences all showing real-life beauty (as opposed to gameplay or cinematics) of the fictional setting known as Hope County, Montana. A blood curdling scream disturbs a flock of birds high in the mountains, a body drifts along a steady river stream, a man running through a vast field followed by a single gun shot and finally, a solitary church rings its bell over a choir singing Amazing Grace. As the camera quickly zooms past the bell tower, a man can be seen ramming the head of another man to fire off the bell tolls.

One bit of info that is important to note is that it doesn’t seem to take place in the early 1900s or “Wild West” era of American history. Sticking with what pieces of clothing suggest is the modern timeline, Ubisoft is steering clear of Red Dead Redemption 2 territory, leaving more of a distinguishing difference between the two titles that may very well end up releasing alongside each other.

Earlier rumors about the game have stepped in to suggest a cult-like religion at the center of the story. With the final scene showing the white chapel with a bit of added violence, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that’s the case. More info is to be revealed this Friday, May 26th about the game and you can bet Ubisoft has plans to hit the industry with more information coming this E3.

Until then, keep your heads up for more on the popular shooter and stay tuned for updates.

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