Trailer: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – ‘Lost and Abandoned’ Gameplay

A new trailer for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, the upcoming expansion out this year, shows us an in-depth look at the gameplay.

It’s from a mission that sees you take on ‘The Lost’ – beating these guys is all about making sure you get headshots. Why headshots? Because they allow you to take another turn and not get overrun!

Check out our Roundup of War of the Chosen for all the details you need to know.

XCOM 2 developer on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, “It was really cool to see”

When Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was first announced, gamers were quick to notice what series had inspired it. Yes, the mechanics of the excellent XCOM games could certainly be found in there somewhere… Well, it turns out the developers of that particular franchise are pretty happy about the whole thing.


  • XCOM 2’s creative director, Jake Solomon, says he was very surprised and happy at the announcement, “It was really cool to see”.
  • Solomon checked out some gameplay with Luigi entering half cover and was left shocked, “What world am I in?”
  • On Nintendo and Ubisoft’s effort he said: “If they do something great, I’ll steal it… It’s going to generate more fans and it’s going to come up with new ideas.”
Who would have thought we’d see this?
  • Solomon says he owes his success to British game designer Julian Gollop, co-creator of the original X-COM franchise
  • The biggest surprise? The fact that Nintendo was willing to put a rocket launcher in Princess Peach’s hands in the first place: “If I had known we could have done that, I would have pitched that to Nintendo a long time ago,” Solomon said with a laugh.

They often say greatness inspires greatness. This writer is a big fan of both Mario and XCOM, so to see both of them coming together is quite brilliant indeed. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is coming to the Switch on August 29th – will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.

Jake Solomon talks Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Roundup: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Release date, platforms, trailers

E3 is always a busy time of the year. In fact it’s so busy that some games and their exciting new updates get simply buried under the rush and excitement of it all. XCOM 2, with its expansion War of the Chosen, was one of those games. So what does this extra content, announced at E3, add?

Here’s what’s coming:

  • Resistance factions, the Reapers, the Skirmishers and Templars
  • Your next enemy, the “Chosen”, made up of Hunters, Assassins and Warlocks
  • Brand new missions and environments
  • A challenge mode
  • Additional ADVENT forces made up of Priests, Purifiers, Spectres and The Lost

The Chosen are said to be one of the toughest foes XCOM has ever faced. They can kidnap, interrogate and kill your soldiers. While the ADVENT’s new Spectre unit can create dark copies of your troops – you’ll also be dealing with psionic Priests and the Purifiers that just love to blow things up.

Luckily, soldiers, scientists and engineers can be deployed for ‘Covert Actions’ which boost your supplies and increase your favour with the factions. Soldiers can also now form bonds with other teammates for extra abilites.

What’s it coming to?

  • PS4/Pro
  • Xbox One, too early for the Xbox One X, but we expect a patch will come later
  • PC


  • 29th August

Here’s a few trailers to whet your appetite.

Announce Trailer

The Assassin Trailer

The Warlock Trailer

The Reaper Trailer


And here’s a few screenshots in case you’re still not sure if you want to dive in come August.






Good luck Commander, you’re going to need it.

Page last updated 12th July.