Random: Reggie Gets Called Out By Samuel L. Jackson For Missing E3

Weird and wacky news at Nintendo’s E3? How about Samuel L. Jackson calling out the retired Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime?

Twitch streamer Myth and Samuel L. Jackson did just that and called out Reggie for not being available to ‘kick ass and take names’ at E3 this year.

Game journalist Geoff Keighley was reponsible for setting it up. You can see it here:

Reggie said in response: ‘WHAT! This cat is bad mother… shut my mouth! Thanks for the call out and I’ll be watching, .’

Fils-Aime left Nintendo in April this year and was replaced by Doug Bowser — something Nintendo themselves had fun with during their E3 Direct.

Don’t mess with Nick Fury.