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Final Fantasy VII Is Out On Switch Today

It only took 20 years...

The beloved Final Fantasy VII finally hits the Switch today… I can already hear you asking: how is this newsworthy?

Final Fantasy VII Switch

Well, it’s the first time the game has been released on a Nintendo console, and that’s a pretty significant milestone considering it originally started life as a SNES title.

You see, back in 1994 Square moved production of Final Fantasy VII to the PlayStation 1 after technical issues and a series of delays plagued their development on SNES.

In addition to that, there was the allure of the shiny new CD-ROM format being offered by Sony with increased storage options — long story short, it was hard for Square to resist a change in direction.

It’s worth mentioning that the following extra features are included in the Switch edition out today:

  • A 3x speed mode
  • The ability to turn battle encounters off
  • A battle ‘enhancement’ mode

You can check out the launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII below:

So, this particular slice of gaming history will set you back £12.79 in the UK and $15.99 in the US. It’s never too late to jump in if you haven’t already, right?