Fork Parker’s Crunch Out For SNES Shows The Pressures Of Video Game Development

Devolver Digital, Mega Cat Studios and Take This Inc. have come together to release a brand new SNES title to raise awareness about time crunching in game development.

All of the proceeds from the game will assist Devolver Digital and Take This in combating mental health issues.

The game follows Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker as he does whatever it takes to hold onto his indie gaming market share. A new indie publisher comes forward, and Fork must motivate his team to meet deadlines by any means necessary.

Crunch out 2.gif


Crunch Out looks to portray a fun story with an even deeper meaning. Check out the following details below:

  • Furious task management and questionable motivation tactics are your tools. Coffee, discipline, and shock treatment are all in play if your team slips off their production schedule.
  • Spend your profits from each game wisely – do you invest in a new espresso machine to keep your dev team happy, or buy some winged wingtips to help you zip around the office?
  • Deploy strategic power-ups, like unpaid interns working for exposure and mandatory overtime to stay on track and hit that release date.
  • Take executive action in exciting and intense mini-games to keep the office in order. When the internet drops out, or your beloved wife calls in, only Fork and his pet piggy bank, Pork Farker, can save the game and the bottom line!

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Fork Parkers Crunch Out is limited to just 1,000 copies and is available now from The Mega Cat Studios website.

It comes complete with a playable cartridge, a full-colour manual and classic SNES-style box. It retails for $49.99.

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