Lull Yourself To Sleep With The Video Game Music Box Collection, Available Now

Taking classic video game nostalgia in the form of vintage gaming tunes and presenting them in relaxing lullaby fashion is exactly what Materia Collective has gracefully accomplished with their latest set of albums.

Ranging from The Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy VII, Video Game Music Box features a slew of memorable gaming soundtracks and re-envisions them with an expertly crafted wave of music box allure with the new series, Music Box Classics.

“Music Box Classics will be a lifelong project, with each new album dedicated to a single game title or game theme (…) Each album will feature pure music box sound with no additional instruments. This is perfect for relaxing or falling asleep. And for those gamer parents who want to introduce their little ones to videogame music early on, these will be the perfect albums.” – Video Games Music Box

Have a listen to one of the tracks from The Legend of Zelda album below:

Here are all seven available albums to help ease you (or your precious little one!) to sleep:

  • Remember the nostalgic adventures with the perceptible score from The Legend of Zelda series re-living the classics in an all-new style.
  • No video game soundtrack collection would be complete without a trip to the world of Super Mario Bros. featuring some of the most memorable scores in gaming.
  • Chrono Trigger is well-regarded as one of the greatest games in history and the beloved soundtrack only adds to that very proposal.
  • The gothic vintage tunes from the Castlevania series join in the collection and recreates a stunning benevolent atmosphere.
  • Perhaps one of the most cherished scores in gaming comes from the talent behind Final Fantasy VII and charms its way into the Music Box Collection.
  • Undertale joins in and invents a new vision in how to enjoy the unforgettable soundtrack behind one of the most remarkable gaming journeys in recent years.
  • Last but not least, the Pokemon album recreates some of the most iconic songs from the series and leaves you itching to jump back into classic Pokemon Red/Blue titles from when it all began.

You can score these exceptional treasures from the Music Box Collection from Materia Collective at a variety of digital music sites, such as Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify.

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