Broken Sword 5 Is Hitting The Switch

Paris in the fall, the last months of the year and the end of… Oh sorry, didn’t know you were listening to me then.

Broken Sword is a masterpiece of a franchise with ‘Shadows of the Templars’ sitting as my second favourite game of all time and if I ever have a son, I would name him after George Stobbart.

So, when they originally announced Broken Sword 5 a few years back I was over the moon and when I played it, it was glorious. Enough fan service to make me squeal and enough originality to keep me interested. Originally released as a two-parter on mobile devices and PC, later seeing console ports, we now see it come to Nintendo Switch.

This time George and Nico get mixed up in a shooting at a gallery and in a typical Broken Sword fashion, this ends with a historical conspiracy leaving George and Nico to save the world whilst everyone else is just enjoying tea or Countdown.

You will visit various locations with puzzles just for you to wrap your head around – plus witty dialogue that makes Nathan Drake look like a crappy sitcom. On the way, you’ll meet so familiar faces as well as some new ones, one of which is the best character in the Broken Sword series.

The Switch port will be released on September 21st with a new interface-like touch screen, interviews and behind the scenes clips. This is a must-have for any fan of the franchise or adventure game fans. Let’s hope we see more from Revolution in the future.

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