Eerie Adventure Game, Call Of Cthulhu, Release Date Officially Announced

Plunge deep into the Lovecraft universe and bring to life the mysterious RPG with Cyanide Studio’s upcoming release, Call of Cthulhu.

The investigative sci-fi mystery-RPG has finally been handed an official release date, and it’s only a couple of months away.

Call Of Cthulhu Details

Below are a few details about the upcoming thrilling adventure game:

  • Players will explore the depths of Darkwater Island as Private Investigator Edward Pierce in a chilling first-person view discovering the dreadful secrets that lie within the twisted community.
  • You will make your way through haunting asylums, underground bars and plenty of secret areas and passageways all scattered throughout the eerie community of Darkwater Island.
  • Players have the decision to tackle all investigations at their own pace using their own methods. Gain intel by conversing with the many civilians populating the island, or perhaps have your own personal discoveries and observe every detail buried in the surroundings.
  • Control Pierce’s sanity which can warp his mind – a mind that has become ever-so-fragile after The Great War – and see how long he can last during the terrors of Darkwater, as well as the disturbing truths seemingly hidden around every corner.

Fans can expect to see Call of Cthulhu released right around Halloween on October 30th, 2018. Scary stuff. The game is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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