Hollow Knight hits Switch – play it right now

Hollow Knight, from small indie developer Team Cherry, lands on the Switch, kind of like, right now.

The news was announced at Nintendo’s E3 conference today by the president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, who specifically thanked indie devs for their awesome work on Switch.

Hollow Knight Hits Switch

Here are a few key takeaways for the game on the hybrid console:

  • The Switch version runs at 60fps
  • It features all expansions – so Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, and Lifeblood
  • All bosses, upgrades, and extras are included from those expansions
  • Gods & Glory is coming later on, but we don’t know when

You can grab the delicious looking indie title on the eShop for £10.99/$15 USD.

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