It’s time to touch Homo Machina

Homo Machina is a mobile game coming to iOS and Android. But wait, what’s it all about? Well, read on.

Simon, like all the workers in the pressure wing, needed to ensure that all pipes are regularly maintained and that the pressure is stable enough not to cause unwarranted or abnormal changes.

It takes a special person like Simon to do his job. Many people would lose focus and motivation simply of the mundanity, but Simon never did.

He, like others in the workplace, knew the importance of the role, neither big nor small, grand nor grotesque, each role was as pivotal as the next.

Every component within this machine must be operational and work efficiently otherwise they, like the company, will cease to exist.

Homo Machina And Dr Kahn

Homo Machina

I imagine somewhere along the line, we’ve all seen the images of Dr Fritz Kahn’s medical illustrations, more than likely in some biology class – you know the images, the ones of our autonomy being operated on by little tiny workers.

These images are so iconic and for good reason too, they help you understand the human anatomy by making it relatable and satirical. Entertain, Educate and Inform.

Parisian multimedia studio Darjeeling understand the relevance in Dr Kahn’s work and how important it is to educate people in the workings of our body in an easily digestible (pun intended!) way by developing Homo Machina, a mobile game adapted by his work.

Homo Machina

Looking at the game you can’t help but think if the Dr was alive today, to see his images come to life in an interactive medium would have done him proud – almost like his work was intended to be.

The interactive media of video games is a great way of educating children. Most children love to interact with things, making this an important step for video games to be taken seriously as an art form.

Hopefully, we’ll see more games like this, we’ll see parents downloading this game for their children, and we’ll see it being used in schools because education should be fun, it should be engaging, and it should be entertaining.

Homo Machina uses simple game mechanics allowing the game to be accessible from the ages of 7-77. The game focuses more on the art style and poetic narration to create a more educational experience than your typical gaming experience.

Homo Machina

The game is only a touch away (pun intended again), as it’s available now on Google Play and the App Store; for parents out there, why not sit down and enjoy it together with your child, who knows, you might learn something yourself?

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