Radical Heights has officially launched as a Steam Early Access title

Last year a new development team in Boss Key Productions (headed up by the infamous Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski,) went all in on a mature themed character shooter called Lawbreakers.

This title launched to fairly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, Boss Key were not able to find a dedicated player base for Lawbreakers, and the title slowly faded away. This failure didn’t ruin them though, soon after the realization that Lawbreakers was unsalvageable, they started working on a new title in secret.

Radical Heights – The New Kid On The Block

Out of the ashes of Lawbreakers, comes Radical Heights. A new battle royale-like game that Boss Key is calling a “passion project” for their development team. And, to the surprise of us all, you can play it right now!

Let’s get you guys caught up:

  • On April 9th Boss Key revealed Radical Heights to the world with a debut trailer. (Which can be seen down below.)
  • Radical Heights will have an ’80s aesthetic, the premise will be that your character is a contestant in a battle royale type game show.
  • After the trailer launch, Boss Key released the news floodgates of info regarding their new title. With the most surprising fact being they’ve only been working on Radical Heights for just over five months at this point. They are referring to the games impending release as “Xtreme early access.”
  • Boss Key is trying to set Radical Heights apart from others in the genre, by having a unique reward system, that is all dependent on your characters cash flow. Boss Key explains this thoroughly in the games official press release. “Only in Radical Heights does in-game cash you find carry over into future matches.”
  • A reward system that carries over from match to match is what Boss Key is aiming for, and they further explain how this process works. “Play matches, collect cash, kill contestants, interact with game show elements and more to buy cosmetics from your personal prize room, or put some of that sweet cash in your bank to help buy a weapon next match quicker than your opponents. The choice is yours.”
  • Lastly, while Radical Heights will be free to play, there will be a “founders pack” priced at $14.99, around £10.50, that will include over 20 exclusive cosmetic items.

So, what do you guys think about Radical Heights? Will it be a success? Or will it flame out like Boss Key’s previous title did? Let me know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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