New battle royale game announced in Fear the Wolves

With the battle royale market only getting more and more popular with games like Fortnite and PUBG having millions of players, developers are understandably trying to hop in on this new and surging market.

Remember To Fear Thy Wolves

Not a month seems to go by before we seem to get another new battle royale game announced. With this new wave of games comes “Fear the Wolves” from the development team of the STALKER franchise. Let’s get you guys caught up:

  • Fear the Wolves will send 100 players into the radiation filled danger zone of Chernobyl. As always with these type of games, the Last man/squad standing wins.
  • Players will not only have to worry about other players roaming the battlefield but other dangers like radiation anomalies, mutated creatures, dynamically changing weather and hazardous off-limit zones.
  • Not only will there be a standard Battle Royale mode in Fear the Wolves, but there will also be a unique game mode that the developers Vostok Games promises will turn the battle royale genre on its head.
  • Fear the Wolves will launch on PC and consoles sometime this year, with PC receiving it first through Early Access.

So, do you guys think Fear the Wolves will be worth a look? Or do you think the Battle Royale genre is getting oversaturated? Let me know in the comments below!

What do you think?

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