Experience 2D aerial combat in Rogue Aces releasing this April

Control the skies and battle your way through blistering aerial combat in the 2D procedurally generated, dogfighting arcade gameRogue Aces. Set in the slightly historical World War II, players will soar across over 100 hundred missions throughout the dangerous skies riddled with enemy bullets.

Rogue Aces – PS4, PS Vita, Switch

Publishers Curve Digital has announced the release of Rogue Aces with an exciting trailer showcasing the hectic dogfighting you’ll find in the arcade aerial combat title.

Here are a few takeaways from the announcement of Rogue Aces:

  • Over 100 procedurally generated missions including rescuing prisoners of war or fending off enemy bombers from destroying ally buildings.
  • Simple but unique control scheme has players adjusting direction and throttle control using only the two analogue sticks.
  • Limited fuel supply for each plane adds a deal of strategy when replenishing and repairing your bomber during the aerial combat and capturing of enemy bases.
  • The heated combat and acrobatic manoeuvres provide an excellent pick up and play style of gameplay, good for handhelds!

Releasing on the PS4 and PS Vita with the cross-buy/play platform, and the Switch – Rogue Aces is set for release on April 12th, 2018. With a price of £9.99/€12.99/$12.99, this aerial dogfighter looks like quite the little package of intense arcade chaos on the go.

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