VR game Innocent escapes to Early Access at the end of the month

Nuclear Studio’s new VR game, Innocent, will go into Early Access via Steam on February 26th.

VR Game Innocent: What’s It About?

Innocent is not the developer’s first VR game, but they have stated it’s their biggest project to date. Many a late night has occurred during the creation of the title then. But what’s it all about?

Fundamentally, it’s a puzzle adventure game with an ‘intense’ storyline and a bit of a twist:

“This is not a typical room escape game – you don’t just escape from one room – you escape from the run-down earth and find a way to survive.”

What about that story?

In the year 2218, Earth has been devastated by disasters caused by excessive logging and destruction of natural resources. Unknown viruses have filled every corner of the world with raging “mutated creatures”.

The most terrible of such viruses is known as “carbonized disease”. It’s the greatest threat to humanity that has ever been seen. Infection with the disease will cause a human to carbonize from the inside out:

It’s all looking rather intriguing. Innocent hits Steam Early Access on the 26th February. You can check out the store preview page here while you wait.

What do you think?

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