The Banner Saga 3 is coming sooner than expected

Stoic Games has announced that The Banner Saga 3 is launching much earlier than anticipated, coming in the summer instead of December 2018.

The Banner Saga 3 – You’re Early

The Banner Saga is a richly narrative-driven, role-playing series with the third instalment being funded through Kickstarter last year – it quite easily cleared its $200,000 goal.

The official Kickstarter Trailer

To give just a little taste, and to celebrate this feat in game development, since it’s not everyday games get moved forward in the development cycle, Stoic also released the first of several trailers that highlight important characters in the upcoming game.

Warning – this, and other trailers, feature spoilers from the first two The Banner Saga titles:

To make all this even better Stoic announced that award-winning composer Austin Wintory (Journey, Abzu and previous Banner Saga titles) will be live-streaming sections of his recordings for The Banner Saga 3.

Currently, The Banner Saga 3 is only confirmed for PC and Mac but the other titles found their way to consoles and mobile, so it’s probably a safe bet it’s on the way.

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