Badass Hero gets an update: The Last Stand of Earth

Badass Hero from Awesome Games Studio has received an update titled “The Last Stand of Earth” – via Steam Early Access.

That Was My Last Cigar

The update, available now, is a brand new chapter in the rogue-lite action-platformer and serves as the introduction to the third comic book The Last Stand of Earth.

It includes the following:

  • Eleven new enemies to defeat
  • Three minibosses
  • One super boss!
  • An intro and outro to the comic book
  • Five new melee weapons

The indie developer has additional content planned with extra level patterns, enemies, minibosses and super bosses all on their way too. Here’s a trailer showing the latest additions:

The fully launched Badass Hero is also due out on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, we believe, at some point this year. Although a release date has yet to be revealed…

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