Lost Sphear is out today for Switch, PS4 and Steam

JRPG fans take note: Lost Sphear is out today for Switch, PS4 and Steam.

Lost Sphear: Kanata’s Quest To Save Reality

We first noticed the allure of Lost Sphear way back in May of last year. So with that said, what’s it all about?

Well, Tokyo RPG Factory’s new game takes place in a world where people are inexplicably vanishing. Loved ones are no longer there. The flowers are fading, and the world is turning cold.

What’s causing this? That’s where you, a young boy named Kanata, come in. Oh, and don’t forget the ominous darkness threatening the very fabric of reality. Here’s a trailer for you:

The JRPG quest to save us all features the following:

  • Turn-based battles – You can fight with the freedom of strategic movement in turn-based battles
  • ‘Vulcosuits’ – You deploy Vulcosuit armour in the fields and in battle to amplify your abilities and execute skills
  • A moving soundtrack – I Am Setsuna’s composer Tomoki Miyoshi is back!

Lost Sphear is out digitally on all of the key stores, while a physical package for PS4 and Switch is available for pre-order only from Square Enix’s store: here be the PS4 and Switch versions.

You can also download the ‘Day One’ patch for the game on all platforms which adds a number of free upgrades including new equipment and artefacts, a new dungeon, the new Moonlight Battleground mode and, we’re told, even more.

2 thoughts on “Lost Sphear is out today for Switch, PS4 and Steam

  1. My favourite thing (and probably the only thing I take away from I am Setsuna) is how the atmosphere worked really well. Particularly the soundtrack and its constant use of the piano flowing from one tone to the next. If Lost Sphear has even a modicum of that atmosphere I will buy it.

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