Cold Beam Games announces Beat Hazard 2

It’s somehow already been 8 years since the release of indie hit Beat Hazard. I had a lot of fun with that back in the day.

Beat Hazard 2 – It Only Gets Better

In case you didn’t know, the original Beat Hazard allowed you to experience your music collection inside the game which would, in turn, power-up your spaceship and firepower. Having Toto’s Hold The Line playing in the background while you blast things away? Delightfully odd.

Beat Hazard

So it’s probably a good time to polish up your music collection, as the developers, Cold Beam Games, have announced the sequel Beat Hazard 2. The difference this time around? Beat Hazard 2 will include procedurally generated boss ships. Each of your songs creates a unique ‘archenemy’ ship for you to vanquish:

A new original soundtrack composed by Johnny Frizz, who contributed tracks to the original Beat Hazard, will feature in the game for those that don’t want to be reminded of their own music. There’s also the option of battling against your friends.

One to watch if you love gaming and music and want to see them work together in sweet harmony. You can expect Beat Hazard 2 in Q3 2018 for PC.

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