Meet Nintendo Labo – DIY cardboard toys for the Switch

Update: We have some prices for Nintendo Labo in the UK, and it’s looking a little princely:

  • The Variety Labo Kit costs £59.99
  • The Robot Labo Kit costs £69.99
  • The Customisation Labo Set costs £8.99

Nintendo Labo Prices UK


Nintendo has announced what they’re calling Nintendo Labo, a new range of interactive cardboard toys. This isn’t an April Fool’s either, obviously! It’s too early for that, see here:

Nintendo Labo – Coming This Spring

Out on the 27th April, the Labo toy range features two starting packs plus an additional one for some extra creativity:

  • The “Variety Kit” contains the Toy-Con RC Car, Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Toy-Con House, Toy-Con Motorbike and Toy-Con Piano
  • The “Robot Kit” features a wearable robot suit, where you insert the left and right Joy-Con into the designated slots on the backpack and visor to assume control of the robot – shown on the TV when the Switch console is docked
  • The special “Customisation Set” includes stencils, stickers and coloured tape to help bring the creations to life

These kits then work with the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers to create interactive experiences. It’s like AR, sort of, but with cardboard. Remember Google Cardboard for mobile VR?

Basically, the Joy-Con controllers trick you into thinking the objects are real, like the cardboard Piano producing sound in the video above. It’s clear that these new toys are aimed at children (and some bigger kids) much like Nintendo said they would be.

So yeah, different enough for you? Is this Nintendo’s maddest idea yet? Let us know below.

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