Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2018

It’s fair to say the Nintendo Switch had a rather good 2017… Now we’re somehow already in 2018, leaving us to ponder like the insatiable Homo sapiens we are: what’s out this year for the hybrid console?

With giants The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey both, surprisingly, released in the Switch’s first year, not to mention an overwhelming line-up of quality (if you’ve been following) in Splatoon 2, Arms, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (we still haven’t finished all of these), some may argue Nintendo has almost overdone it. Is there anything left?

While 2018 might not have quite the same level of killer titles – at the time of writing – here are some of the best upcoming Nintendo Switch games we’re looking forward to playing.

Fire Emblem Switch (Untitled)

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Fire Emblem Switch (Untitled)

The next true Fire Emblem title is coming to the Switch in 2018. And, yes, that’s pretty much all we know.

Although we do know this: Intelligent Systems produces some damn fine tactical strategy games. While Advance Wars would have been better, (where are you?) this is sure to be hot property.

Bayonetta 3

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 Re-Release

It’s not confirmed that Bayonetta 3, announced at The Game Awards 2017, will launch for the Switch in 2018, but there’s a chance it will follow sometime after the Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 re-release due out February 16th.

Bayonetta 2, at least to this writer, is one of the finest hack ‘n’ slash games ever made. So, Bayonetta 3 has a lot to live up to.

Metroid Prime 4

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Metroid Prime 4

Confirmed to be real in June 2017 at E3, we don’t know much about Metroid Prime 4. In fact, that logo up there is almost everything we have.

The announcement trailer was just over 40 seconds long, but that was enough to explode the internet. The confirmation that Nintendo is finally working on a new Prime game is what many fans have been waiting for – 10 years and counting.

There’s little doubt that a new adventure for Samus Aran, that happens to be a sequel to the beloved Prime games, will be a big deal. Out 2018? It’s possible.

Kirby Star Allies – March 16th

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Kirby Star Allies

Kirby has always been seen as a bit of a B-list hero for Nintendo when compared to Mario, but there’s no doubt the pink blob brings his own unique brand of fun wherever he turns up.

Developer HAL Laboratory has proudly declared that Star Allies will stay true to its side-scrolling platformer roots, with Kirby joined by up to three companions for some co-op madness.

The World Ends With You Final Remix

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2018: The World Ends With You Final Remix

One of Nintendo DS’ greatest titles, The World Ends With You, will be re-released on the Switch sometime this year. In addition to a new, Switch-exclusive scenario, The World Ends With You Final Remix will feature both touch controls resembling those of the original DS release and new Joy-Con controls.

No specific release date was given, but The World Ends With You Final Remix will be released in 2018.

Yoshi (Working Title)

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Yoshi (Working Title)

A charming game for a charming character. Yoshi, that’s the only name for now anyway, is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Cutesy platforming guaranteed the new Yoshi game looks to be shaping up rather nicely indeed – with a Paper Mario art style in tow.

Project Octopath Traveler

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Project Octopath Traveler

Square Enix is bringing some energy to the Switch: we have a Dragon Quest XI port in the works, but there’s the exclusive Project Octopath Traveler heading its way too.

Octopath Traveler is from the team that brought you Bravely Default, the acclaimed 3DS JRPG series – so this could be special. It also boasts a brand new visual style the developers are calling ‘HD-2D’.

Mario Tennis Aces – Spring

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2018: Mario Tennis Aces

The developers of the great Mario Tennis titles, Camelot, are at it again with a Mario Tennis title for the Switch.

Mario Tennis Aces will feature the series’ first story mode since GBA title Mario Tennis: Power Tour, complete with boss battles and mission-based gameplay. The story mode looks ‘ace’…

Pokémon Switch (Untitled)

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Pokémon Switch

Whether you’re a huge fan of Pokémon or not, there’s no escaping the sheer power and importance of the brand. This will move consoles. Now there’s a new title coming, created specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

The Pokémon games happen to be expertly crafted affairs, so whatever Game Freak and Nintendo have planned, you can be sure it will dominate the headlines. Remember Pokémon Go?

The Other Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games For 2018

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: Travis Strikes Again

Other notable Nintendo Switch games coming out this year include the following:

  • Payday 2
  • The Escapists 2
  • Xeodrifter
  • Lost Sphear
  • Celeste
  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • The Longest Five Minutes
  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
  • Shakedown Hawaii
  • Flipping Death
  • Wargroove
  • Terraria
  • Dandara
  • Pocket Rumble
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
  • Runner 3
  • Kingdom: Two Crowns
  • Yoku’s Island Express
  • 2064: Read Only Memories Integral
  • Indivisible
  • Shovel Knight: King of Cards
  • Mulaka
  • Layers of Fear: Legacy
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Shin Megami Tensei (New Title)
  • Steep
  • Syberia 3
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2
  • Owlboy
  • Battle Chasers Nightwar
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • Hollow Knight
  • No More Heroes 3 (Travis Strikes Again)
  • Super Meat Boy Forever
  • Light Fingers

Newly Announced

  • Dark Souls Remastered – May 25th
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – May 4th
  • Celeste – January 25th
  • Fe / February 16th
  • SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy – Summer 2018
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – Summer 2018
  • Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Spring 2018
  • Dragon Quest Builders – January 2018
  • Pokken Tournament DX DLC – January 31st, and March 23rd for second DLC

That’s it for now. We’ll be updating this article when Nintendo inevitably decides to share the full details of their plans for 2018.

3 thoughts on “Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2018

  1. I am all too hyped for the Fire Emblem release. It’s been a while since there was a home console release for the franchise since the Wii’s Radiant Dawn. This is one of the titles I was interested in when I heard about the portability of the switch. Having console quality being portable could make for a fun Fire Emblem. Metroid Prime 4 though…now that is certainly one to look forward to when we hear new info about it knowing the pedigree of the series and how long we have been starved of a title in the Metroid franchise in this format.

    1. Yeah agreed. I was a big fan of Radiant Dawn on the Wii. The fact there’s not been a proper ‘home console’ release since then is most likely down to the Wii U’s poor sales. As for Metroid Prime 4, it’s another title that fans have been waiting years for. Hopefully Nintendo continues down this path of bringing more games people want instead of asking Mario to do all the heavy lifting.

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