Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review [PS4 Pro] – Welcome Back, Captain Blazkowicz

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an excellent sequel to one of the most iconic shooter franchises in gaming. The re-imagining of the classic series takes players back to the Nazi regime, which in an alternate universe has successfully conquered the globe. It’s grounded by the sheer badassery of Captain William Blazkowicz, and the group of revolutionary soldiers fighting for the freedom of the people. The New Colossus beefs up the action and mayhem while taking players through a thrilling narrative filled with plenty of Nazi-slaughtering anarchy.

The Nazi regime continues onward, but the revolution is just getting started.

Coming straight off of The New Order, the story of Captain Blaskowicz and the revolutionaries continues to deliver throughout the sequel. Upon slowly recovering following the events of the predecessor, the story of the Nazi regime continues to unfold while you trail the dreadful right hand of the Führer, General Engel. Throughout her tasteless and morose personality, the writers from Machine Games have done an excellent job in creating a villain so frustratingly real, someone brimming with so much hatred, one can’t help but look forward to the day Blazkowicz finally brings her down. The adrenaline rush that guides players across the surprising and roller coaster of a story is an anchor of the Wolfenstein series; and one that seems to only ripen delectably with age.

Does This Thing Kill Nazis?

One of the biggest changes from the 2014 release is the ability to hang to all of the weapons BJ discovers. While in The New Order players were forced to start new areas and chapters off with only a limited supply of weapons, once retrieved from fallen enemies, Wolfenstein II allows Blazkowicz to keep his arsenal of unique weaponry throughout the entirety of the game. On top of this little luxury, players also have the option to upgrade each weapon with three various enhancements. Among the litany of different collectables scattered throughout the campaign are weapon upgrade gears, and once applied can completely transform the damage and shooting style of the initial starting weapon.

The enhanced LaserKraftWerk is now a powerful heavy weapon incinerating anything in its path.

Among the weapons to obtain, players of The New Order will notice the lack of the sheet-metal-melting laser weapon, the LaserKraftWerk. While it still exists along with the ability to disintegrate various metal panels, it now comes as a heavy weapon packing a much fiercer punch than before. Though the LaserKraftWerk does not sit in your weapon wheel like before, there is a new useful addition to take its place.

The DieselKraftwerk is a cannon that launches small remote-controlled explosive canisters, helpful for blasting your way through walls, or hordes of Nazi enemies. Among the rest are the usual suspects of weaponry, your shotguns, assault rifles and pistols, all with the ability to classically duel-wield for ultimate carnage.

Hunting Down The Übercommanders

Finding and scavenging for weapons, ammo, health and armour pieces have hardly been touched when compared to its predecessor, including the chance to discover Enigma Cards dropped from commander soldiers. Once obtained, these cards will help open up new side missions, which can award players with rare and powerful gear. There are literally tons of Enigma Cards scattered throughout the campaign, all of which are used to decrypt codes and locate the dreaded, Übercommanders.

New characters make an appearance in the story as the campaign shifts to the US, in towns like New Orleans and Manhattan.

Collecting Enigma Cards is as easy as looting commanders, however, that’s only first step. By using the Enigma Machine back at the home base (a Nazi submarine – Eva’s Hammer), players will need to decrypt a series of codes to gain access to the location of deadly Übercommanders. Seeking out and dealing with these strong foes helps chip away at the Nazi regime stranglehold on the United States, as well as unlock a final mission in the game if enough are completed.

Proof That Single Player Isn’t Dead

Much like the rest of the series, Wolfenstein II pits Blazkowicz against insurmountable odds, leaving no amount of outrageous and over-the-top scenarios out of the exciting campaign. Whether your smashing through a Nazi army riding atop a vicious Panzerhund, or on your way to fight the good fight in space, The New Colossus only adds to the intensity of the series, never once shying from the completely ridiculous. While most games looking to tackle a serious audience would veer from complete insanity and off-the-wall antics, Wolfenstein only strengthens itself as a series from the madness.

Return to ground zero where the Nazi regime dropped the atomic bomb on Manhatten, New York, ultimately forcing the US to surrender.

First-person shooters come a dime a dozen anymore, and with the growing industry standards to pump out FPS titles with an 80% focus on PvP multiplayer, the Wolfenstein series is a refreshing break from the online grind. The New Colossus magnifies the single-player experience with an astounding narrative throughout a magnificently gripping story, complimented with exceptional gameplay. With every intense action in The New Colossus, there’s an equally surprising reaction that keeps the game from losing its edge.

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