A Quick Look At Kart Racer Mini Wheels

Mini Wheels is on its way; the kart racing genre has been unfairly dominated by the Mario Kart series for decades now. Seeing flashes of kart racers throughout each generation, we’re now gearing up for the new IP that’s looking to stir things up in the karting world.

Mini Wheels – A Good Story Is Important

Mini Wheels, a new kart racer from Enigma Studios is looking to combine everything we love about the thrilling genre but is also adding an engaging story to the mix as well. With the announcement comes the official Mini Wheels reveal trailer, which you can check out below.

Playing as the lost toy – Pipo – your goal is to find your way back to your beloved owner and rid your toy-self of the dreaded loneliness that surrounds you. Throughout a series of races, players will meet new friends and enemies that are scattered in race tracks around the house. Competing through 4 different styles of races, like Capture the Flag, Boss Battles, Burnout and traditional races, Pipo will slide his way back into his favourite human’s arms.

Like all of everyone’s favourite kart racing titles, Mini Wheels will have exciting power-ups on the track to add some flavour to the competition, super long slides to navigate those bends, local and online multiplayer and, of course, the ability to customize your kart both visually and performance wise. Strap in and get ready to rip through an exciting, story-driven kart racer full of all the enticing features we all know and love so well from the genre.

Mini Wheels is expected to hit stores in 2018 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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