Crowdfunded Battalion 1944 gets a pre-announcement trailer

Early in 2016 Bulkhead Interactive ran a Kickstarter for Battalion 1944.  Within three days the game was funded and more money was raised, hitting multiple stretch goals that include more maps. Now the ‘true successor to classic shooters’ has a pre-announcement trailer.

The five and a half minute video talks about the development and shows off the artwork. There is much on it being a classic shooter and ‘going back to what made games great’ while discussing the process they have gone through in order to make Battalion 1944 just those things.

The official trailer comes out January 9th with the game hitting Steam Early Access soon after, according to Bulkhead. It will go for $14.99, less than the smallest Kickstarter pledge. Because of this backers will get “skins”, cosmetics and vanity-focused loot crates.

Bulkhead stated that Battalion is expected to stay in Early Access for around a year. When it moves onto a full release the price will increase and the cheaper entry fee is to reward those who stayed with the company and the game. As an added bonus, all DLC will be free.

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