Star Wars Battlefront II – Attack of the loot crates?

Star Wars Battlefront II, despite not yet being released, has already been subject to heavy criticism from gamers.

After partaking in Battlefront II’s public beta, many players have voiced concern about in-game loot crate microtransactions. Each loot crate contains cosmetics and winning poses for the characters, but each loot crate may also contain game-changing Star Cards. Ability upgrades, temporary invincibility, shorter weapon reload times, and other stat boosts are all obtained through Star Cards. These Star Card upgrades are only available through, you guessed it, loot crates.

Players may purchase the loot crates with in-game currency or with real money, but the amount of currency earned in the multiplayer matches is said to be a disproportionately small fraction of the loot crate cost.

This leaves players using in-game currency to access loot crates at a major disadvantage to players willing and able to pay real money for loot crates. Players relying on in-game credits will likely be severely under-levelled compared to those paying money for quicker access to loot crates and whatever Star Cards the loot crates might contain.

As a result, Battlefront II’s multiplayer will be unbalanced. Many players have spoken out in opposition to Battlefront II’s “pay-to-win” loot crate system and their complaints have not gone unnoticed.

Publisher EA and developer DICE have responded to criticism and have ensured players the loot crate system included in the beta is not the completed loot crate system and will be adjusted further for better balance. Part of the promised balancing includes making the game’s most powerful items available only through in-game achievements.

EA and DICE have also assured players:

“You have to earn the right to be able to upgrade Star Cards and unlock most Weapons. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game”.

Although EA and DICE have promised a balanced gameplay experience, some players are hesitant. Only on November 17th, when Star Wars Battlefront II is released, will gamers know whether or not EA and DICE follow through with their promises.

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