Xbox One X sells poorly in Japan

The Xbox One X hasn’t done all that well in Japan upon its launch – unsurprisingly. In fact, it may well be the lowest debut for a console in Japan in its history.

It’s Not Xbox-land

So what are the results, or should we say ‘damage?’ Well, the Xbox One X debuted with just 1,344 units sold in Japan. A paltry figure, even more so when compared to other consoles in the same week: 20,021 for the PS4 and 79,958 for the Nintendo Switch.

(Don’t forget those 36 people who bought a Wii U!).

It’s true that anyone could predict a bad launch for an Xbox console in Japan, they just don’t sell well over there. However, the above figure is even worse than most would expect. It’s in complete contrast to UK and US sales.

The question is: should Microsoft continue to release consoles in Japan or save the energy?


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