Super Mario headed to the big screen

There is a reason why Nintendo stopped making movies based on its intellectual property over 23 years ago. That simple reason has a simple name: Super Mario Bros. A universally panned, disgrace of a movie that scared the big N away for decades.

Yes, this one.

This however, is all about to change. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo, under the guidance of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, are in discussions to bring Mario and all his pals (and enemies) to the big screen in a new, 3D animated adventure.

A deal is reportedly close at hand with Illumination Entertainment, the minds behind the Minions movie, to partner with Nintendo on this big screen venture.

If this venture succeeds, Nintendo could potentially look into bringing some of their other famous faces to theatres far and wide.

We all know big screen video game adaptations have been disappointing over the years, save for a few gems in the crowded field. It’s everyone’s hope that with Nintendo working closely alongside Illumination, perhaps Mario will finally see big screen success after his long 32-year-old life.

2 thoughts on “Super Mario headed to the big screen

  1. I’m treatng this the same as the mixed live action/CG Sonic movie that’s in the works: I won’t judge it until I see it, but i’m not going to get my hopes up either. As you said, video game adaptiosn are rarely what they could be. Still, fingers crossed.

  2. Video game adapations aren’t usually very good and taking a character who has very little narrative and shoving him into a movie just seems like it is asking to be ridiculous (learn from Super Mario Bros).

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