Indie title Factotum 90 gets a PS4 and PS Vita trailer – now on the PS Store

Factotum 90 was released last year for the Wii U, Xbox One and PC but, strangely, was absent from PlayStation systems – until now, that is.

Factotum 90 – Stuck In Deep Space

The indie puzzler has finally landed on the PS4 and PS Vita with added Cross-Buy support. Here’s a trailer to celebrate that exciting fact, complete with a catchy song:

That song really is catchy… Anyway, Factotum 90 sees you stuck in deep space – wait, it gets better – and something has collided with your ship. The main power is offline and, basically, you’re trapped. Ready to die cold and alone. Not good.

Luckily there’s a terminal you can use. With the help of two robots and some smart moves, you’ll need to get the power back online by solving 30 tricky levels that only get harder as you progress – naturally.

Doing so will restore power and reactivate your life support. Sounds like a tempting challenge to me. Puzzle fans, you can find the game on the PS Store, on PS4 and PS Vita, right now.

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